Scholarships and Fees

Cancer Sciences

The recommended minimum stipend for Cancer Sciences grad students is $25,000 per annum. This may be made up of a combination of scholarships and/or supervisor research grant funding. For students who have a major award ($13,000 or greater), the recommended funding level is $27,000 per annum.

Medical Physics

There is no funding guarantee for Medical Physics grad students at this time.  Prospective students and current students are advised to apply for entrance scholarships or other scholarships that become available through the University of Alberta or external funding agencies.  Some funding support may be available through QA training positions and some supervisors hold grants, but is not guaranteed or expected.

Oncology grad students may be eligible for a variety of scholarships including:

Recruitment Scholarships

Alberta Cancer Foundation/Antoine Noujaim Entrance Award
$25,000 for one year. Given to outstanding international and domestic graduate students beginning their program in Oncology. (nomination by department)

Cathy and Harold Roozen Entrance Scholarship
$20,000/year for two years, plus a $1500 research allowance and tuition award. Awarded on the basis of academic merit, this award recognizes the top international or Canadian graduate student beginning a new program in Oncology. (nomination by department)
Master’s Recruitment Scholarships (nomination by department)

Scholarships for Continuing Grad Students

Queen Elizabeth II Scholarships. $10,800 for a Master’s, $15,000 for a Doctoral. Awarded to Canadians or Permanent Residents either new or continuing.

 Banting and Best Canada Graduate Scholarships – CIHR
 Alexander Graham Bell Graduate Scholarships -- NSERC


Travel Awards

 B & G Heidecker Travel award (Master’s and PhD students, in any division)B and G Heidecker Application Form.pdfB and G Heidecker Application Form.pdf

Elizabeth Tucker Travel Award

Application form 03.02.2011.pdfApplication form 03.02.2011.pdf

Graduate Students’ Association (all students)

 FGSR Travel awards – see specific terms



Unless a student has a tuition scholarship, tuition fees are the responsibility of the student. Currently for Canadian students, the annual graduate program fee (includes all non-instructional fees + tuition) is $5,397.06 For international students, it is  $8,604.82