Faculty Members

Norman Kneteman

Adjunct Professor
Surgical Oncology
2D4.44 WCM
University of Alberta Hospital
8440 - 112 Street NW
Edmonton, Alberta T6G 2B7
Tel: 780.407.7072



Dr. Norman Kneteman trained in Surgery at the University of Alberta and completed his Transplant Fellowship and post-graduate training in islet transplantation at Washington University School of Medicine St. Louis. Dr. Kneteman currently holds a Senior Scholarship from the Alberta Heritage Foundation for Medical Research and a Canadian Institutes for Health Research/Wyeth Canada Research Chair in Transplantation.


Research Interests 
  • clinical studies in immunosuppression
  • liver transplantation
  • basic studies and translational research on hepatitis C with the chimeric humanized mouse liver model of hepatitis C virus infection.



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