Faculty Members

Sandy McEwan

Professor and Chair, Department of Oncology
Member, Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission
Oncologic Imaging
Department of Oncology
University of Alberta
Cross Cancer Institute
11560 University Avenue
Edmonton, Alberta T6G 1Z2

Tel: 780.432.8524


Research Interests

Radioisotope therapy     
     131I mIBG and 111In Octreotide
     131I ERC9
     Unsealed source therapy: mechanisms of effect

Novel radiopharmaceutical development 

Molecular Imaging and Clinical Trial Design                   

      Imaging biomarkers
      Treatment stratification and treatment planning
      Assays of response
Hypoxia Imaging
MD in Preparation: Radioisotope Therapy: Reflections on Effectiveness Mechanisms of Action and Future Clinical Needs.

Dr. Alexander (Sandy) McEwan was appointed as member of the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission on March 7, 2013.





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