Radiation Oncology

John Amanie

Associate Professor
Radiation Oncology
Department of Oncology
University of Alberta
Cross Cancer Institute
11560 University Avenue
Edmonton, Alberta T6G 1Z2
Tel: 780.432.8518


Clinical Interests
Genito-urinary and Primary Central Nervous System malignancies.
Research Interests
As a radiation oncologist, I am involved in the management of genito-urinary and primary central nervous system malignancies. In addition to ongoing collaborative single-institution and multi-institution research work, I have a research interest in dose escalated radiation therapy for prostate cancer with the use of novel imaging modalities with the aim to improve disease free survival and minimize acute and late toxicity. I am also involved in research evaluating the role of hypofractionated radiotherapy high grade gliomas. In addition, I have an active prostate brachytherapy practice offering appropriately selected patients additional choices in the management of prostate cancer.



First author or co-author in 25 peer reviewed articles. For an updated list please refer to sources such as pubmed with the relevant search terms. First author or co-author in 23 Abstracts.
First author for a chapter titled “Palliation of Central Nervous System Malignancies using Advanced Radiotherapeutic Technologies”. Book title: Palliative Radiation Therapy: Utilization of Advanced Technologies.
Most recent publication as first author:
Amanie J, Jans HS, Pervez N, Murtha A, Usmani N, Yee D, Pearcey R, Danielson B, Patel S, Macewan R, Field C, Robinson D, Wilson J, Lewis D, Parliament M, McEwan AJB. Dose escalated hypofractionated IMRT Boost planning on dominant intraprostatic lesions using 11c choline PET/CT. Journal of Radiation Oncology December 2014