Chair's Message

Welcome to the website of the Department of Oncology at the University of Alberta.
The Department of Oncology is a unique department that integrates health care personnel and University researchers in an environment dedicated to the care of patients with cancer. This brings together clinicians, other health professionals and discovery researchers to enhance our understanding of the causes of cancer, to develop strategies to prevent cancer, and to diagnose and treat patients with cancer.  This integration of discovery, translational and clinical research with clinical service delivery is committed to enhancing the care of all Albertans with cancer.
We are committed to advancing our understanding of cancer and translating this learning into new diagnostics and therapies to help our patients.  Our people share a passion for a future where cancer has been beaten and we offer our members an extraordinary opportunity to explore this spectrum of cancer in a comprehensive manner, and in a way that will measurably improve the quality and duration of life for people with cancer.
This work is not done alone.  We encourage, facilitate and support the creation and operation of teams and groups that share this vision and work with other departments and schools to foster these activities.

We are committed to developing the next generation of physicians and scientists, and to supporting the continuing professional learning needs of practicing physicians to enhance their ability to care for the increasing number of patients who have cancer.  Our graduate program is unique; it offers streams in discovery cancer science, medical physics and in translational cancer science, and we offer a holistic approach to helping our students develop the skills necessary to navigate in an increasingly complex world.
I am pleased to showcase some highlights of our 100 faculty members who in their extraordinary work, combine the most exciting elements of scholarship and clinical practice to enhance the care of our patients.
I invite you to learn more about us by exploring our website or by contacting us directly to learn more about our programs. 

 A.J.B. McEwan, MB, FRCP(C)